Modular Cleanrooms & ISO14644 Validation

Total Clean Air offers a complete turnkey package for all your clean room requirements, including standard and customised options.

We commission a wide range of high-quality cleanrooms which include modular, hardwall, monobloc and softwall designs specific to your clean room area requirements.

All our clean rooms are designed to meet the highest international standards and are tailored to meet your exact requirements. We supply affordable, high quality, low energy clean rooms which are installed and validated in under 4 weeks. We will design and install the clean room to have specific air changes for contamination control and can be tailored according to your budget.

Each clean room can be supplied with hepa filters to maximise the cleanliness levels. At TCA, we can offer fully controllable fan filter units (FFU’s) supplying clean air and air changes, which are password protected, and can be configured to run at ‘standby’ levels to suit downtime over a weekend or during shutdown periods. These can be coupled with air conditioning units to provide a climate controlled environment in each clean room or clean rooms. Air conditioning units can be of particular importance if installing laminar flow cabinets, as they’ll help regulate temperature. If your budget allows, we can offer any variable.

At Total Clean Air, your contamination control requirements are our priority. Our certified CTCB-i engineers will ensure that your environment and critical processes are completely protected. Our highly skilled team can create a fully digital protocol and validate to your own unique set of criteria, right down to specific particle size. We can guide you through every step of the clean room process and work with you to build a unique set of acceptance values, specific to your clean room requirements. Using just your email address, we can furnish you with all the data for your clean room project. Using the digital path, the data never gets lost and doesn’t end up with folders cluttering up your desk or shelves.

We supply a diverse range of companies across the UK which include medical, pharmaceutical, academic research, precision manufacturing, food production and defence industries.  We are security cleared for defence and police projects and have over thirty years’ experience within the UK.

With 24-hour support services and an extended warranty for our clients, we can conduct a testing and validation service when required and also carry out periodic checks and maintenance on all of our cleanrooms.

For the complete package, we can furnish your clean rooms with your chosen clean room furniture. We will supply laminar flow cabinets, fume cabinets or any other item, as well as cleanroom furniture to complete the desired look. If you need specific room services, such as compressed air or water, simply get in touch and ask.

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