Testing & Validation

Total Clean Air offers a testing and validation service for all types of cleanrooms, small enclosures and large buildings

Our experienced and accredited CTCB trained validation engineers will be deployed to your UK facility to test and validate your cleanroom using state-of-the-art testing protocols.

Our engineers will test and validate your cleanroom facilities and localised clean air devices to confirm that your cleanroom is operating in compliance with ISO regulatory cleanroom standards.  In addition, to ensure your cleanroom always meets the required industry standards we also provide a process-based periodic testing and validation service.

We can carry out testing and validation of your cleanroom as part of a routine check up or as part of a follow up procedure after a decontamination procedure as taken place.  Equally, if we have decontaminated other areas such as small enclosures or large buildings we would follow up with a testing and validation service to check the risk to the environment have been completely eliminated.

Our decontamination validation process also follows stringent guidelines to deliver a thorough service to make sure your site is completely safe.

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